Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Good news-Julie is doing great! She is at home, recovering from two skull fractures and a broken sacrum. She feels like hell, but she is ok. She cannot smell much, and her ears are clogged up but that is likely temporary. She was very very lucky.

In other news, we had Heath's kids this weekend, and the big moments for me came at Tracy's house where we took the boys for their first horseback ride ever. It was not horribly cold out, but riding in the indoor on a retired cutter is a way better introduction to horseback riding than the misery it would have been riding in the wind at the farm. They really seemed to enjoy themselves, which of course gets me so excited for the spring and summer and fall riding opportunities.

Gabe is an animal lover, and is so young, it came easily to him to just roll with it and get his seat. I so wish we could all keep that comfort level you have when you are that young....Ethan relaxed noticeably, the more he rode. I think he may have caught the bug too--I sure hope so! Heath had not ridden in 20 years, so he took a few spins around the arena-- they are at least giving me something to work with here.

All that fresh air and activity can wear some folks out---and Gabe found a cuddle buddy in Tazer---


Lori said...

OK hold the show.. you have the rainbow bedspread? Was that yours or his? I have what I like to call my "rainbow room" and a lot of people seem to look at that bedspread crosseyed but I think its fun. So there.

Vodka Mom said...

holy CRAP. I have to get out more.

(Praying for your friend....)

Carrie said...

Glad to hear Julie is feeling better.

The boys look like they could really learn to enjoy riding. Who are they learning on?

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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