Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Living big at the Bay Club

On the way to the Hotel Intercontinental for some time at the pool bar, we passed some things that reminded me just how different it is here. Above is typical Arabic architecture

This is typical dress for many men. This is called a thobe. The weird thing is they are always bright white--never a speck of dirt on them. How do they DO that? I cannot even get out of the house in white without ruining a white shirt and they go all day looking fresh as a daisy

This is part of the hotel we went to for some relaxation. See more of it here

The pool area

The beach

A view of the Pearl, a new development being built now.
Read about it at The Pearl Qatar It sounds like an amazing place.

This is what a hillbilly looks like when you take her out of her natural environment and plop her down in a fancy one. You can take the girl out of the sticks, but not the sticks out of the girl. Wait a minute, that does not sound right at all

We had a great afternoon there. We make friends wherever we go--these two ladies from the UK and Joseph from Dubai. He was an absolute trip and it did not hurt a bit that he bought some of the drinks....when a daquiri is $20, who am I to turn down a sponsor? I may be a hillbilly but I am not stupid! We laughed like crazy, and came home to take naps. We spent the evening with Edward and the kids and crashed early. All in all, an incredible day.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Like the rich and famous----and to think I 'kinda' know a person who rubs elbows with them.

Absolutely stunning and as you say unusual.

Enjoy Carol

Carrie said...

That is cool that you can go to a resort and have pool usage. And the beach is stunning.

Paige said...

You can buy a membership to this resort to use the facilities....Mandy does not have one, but they also have ladies days where you can go for a reduced fee. Totally worth it!

Carrie said...

I still think it is cool. Can't wait to see more pics. Hope you are having a blast.

sandraclark4 said...

Great pics, Honey. Keep up the good work. Have you od on fun yet. The pipes look like clarinets or oboes.
Love you all.

Amy said...

Wow - looks like a scene straight out of the latest Sex and the City movie - LOVE IT!!! Our future trips will obviously be a downgrade for you now that you've experienced all that lavishness (that's a word, right?, if not it should be).

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