Monday, August 15, 2011

Life Project--The midlife crisis

I clearly have had one--well, I had one and then I had one forced on me. I thought my rowdiest manifestation of it was my tattoo. I see now it probably was not, but it is hard for me to distinguish between midlife crisis and full on lunacy lately.

I see them happening all around me. My counselor, Darla, swears they are some of the most powerful changes stem from a midlife crisis, they are normal and most people have them. We talk about them a lot, but I want to know how many of you have gone through it and what your experiences were.

If you have had yours already, what did you do? Did you know that was what it was? Was there something besides age that kicked it off for you? How long did it last? Were there good things that ultimately came of it?

I think this could be a really interesting topic, and I want to get this blog moving again- I miss all the old commenters, and the great dialogues we had here---this is on my mind so lets talk about this for a while.

And anyone who wants to suggest a topic for deep discussion or ridicule-come on. Let's get this community back together!


Anonymous said...

HOORAY! I have missed this blog, pics, "the Paigeaster' and in general serious and funny conversations.

Mid-Life crisis? Well I am older than dirt and that term was not in the vocabulary of life. However--I did have feelings of: what next, why me, and how about others, will I change---

Verdict: Deal with it---pick up boot by its bootstraps and get going. There are a lot of wonderful things out there in life---and take them in stride and


duffylou said...

When my kids were old enough I vowed not to have a "mom" car again...and I haven't.

I was overwieght, dressing in sweats and elastic waist "mom jeans." I just lost 64 # and stared dressing like I felt on the inside. I didn't know how to be fashionable before. I feel 10 years younger just by my new attitude. Unfortunately, my crows feet don't know about that.

I took mini vacations with my adult daughter and had a blast.

Most important, I decided not train for any type of event any more. I ride my horse for pure enjoyment now. Who needs the frustration of trying to train a green horse to a new discipline?

Sorry for my long response...but you asked and I did and am still doing a lot. I'm only 48 so I consider my self three quarter aged.

hooves said...

Had one starting in 1996, which actually lasted off and on for many years. Now that I am older, I still think about how much time I have left and what the future will hold? I think I am now ready to have an older life crisis until I figure it out! hooves

Venom said...

I think my entire life has been a series of crises...
some almost so brief as to be blips on the radar, some I thought would break me, and some that broke me into pieces.

But, somehow, I always mend.

Some of the healed spots are fragile & tender still, and others are stronger than they were originally, like remodeled bones.

I'm used.
I've lived.
I've learned.
I've fallen, and gotten back on the horse.
More than once.

For me, that's just life.
And it beats the alternative.

**I've missed the horsey pics too Paige - let's see some of your happy equines!

Holly said...

Oh yeah. It happened when I was 34, lasted for about 4 years.

then I grew up.

I'm not sad that it happened, I know why it happened and what the trigger was. It taught me a tremedous amount about myself and made me a better mom.

and it left deep, permanent scars. Somedays I look back and think about how I got here....what I lost, what I learned, and I'm still grateful for those lessons.

Mine had nothing to do with age, but it had everything to do with a triggering incident.

Some of the good things that came of it, I learned to like myself. I learned to be content with me, not dependent on others for companionship or entertainment. I learned to value those things I have, carefully choose those things I want and then find a way to get them. Lots of good came from the result of my crisis.

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