Sunday, April 3, 2011

More Rosemarie

Of all things, evidently Rosemarie is upset that the world is disgusted with her about the starving of her animals. She called Carrie ranting and raving about how she is being talked about, and how Carrie should make her friends stop it. Carrie had no idea what she is talking about, as I certainly have not contacted her and have no intention of doing any such thing. So Carrie has nothing to do with whatever grief Rosemarie is being given by anyone.

In the conversation, she admitted that Molson did in fact starve to death.

Umm...I'm confused. You starved the animal to death, but people who think you suck as a result are out of line? I think not. That is a hell of a code of behavior she lives by.

She blamed it on her father -in-law-and said it happened in the course of a month. Molson was fine, then she went to Cuba for two weeks then returned and it was Christmas time, and she has kids, etc......all good reasons for starving your animal to death, huh? I feed my horses all through the month of December, how bout you?

What a piece of work. One good thing can come of this--there is never any reason to ever have anything to do with this person ever again. I can do my little part by saying my piece right here, so that anyone who bothers to google her before selling a horse can see that she admitted that her horse died of starvation but still does not take responsibility for her role in it, and figure that into a decision about whether to do business with her.

That is my public service for the week


Fantastyk Voyager said...

That is a terrible thing, indeed!!

Anonymous said...

Your public service for the week is a good one!

Take care Carol

Funder said...

You should edit this and put her full name in it. Stuff like this will come up in google, but it'll get more hits if it has her full name.

Reddunappy said...

OH its so Fin sad. This always hits me hard, my sister starved two horses to death 10 years ago. I never found out about it until after. They found the stud out in the pasture with his throat half eaten by coyotes. The foal about 8 mo. old, they tried to bring to my moms and thats when I seen her, she talked a vet into coming to get her, she later died. sick sick sick. It is a personality disorder, my sister is a manic depressive, bipolar, alcoholic. She has no business having horses at all. She still has them, thats another story in itself. And yes people keep calling animal control on her, but somehow she gets out of trouble. (I do not talk to her anymore)sigh. I just dont know why animal control wont do anything.

coreymom40 said...


That you are getting the word out. No animal should suffer. period.

Carly said...


I have a quick question about your site. Would you mind emailing me back @


Holly said...

what a shame for Rosemarie....note the DRIPPNG sarcasm.

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