Friday, January 7, 2011

All right--whats going on?

Every day I lose a follower.

I have not been particularly obnoxious lately. Not particularly interesting either. But still

Why you quit me?

I have no idea who, and I am not going to try to figure it out either.

But it makes Paige sad


Lori E said...

Oh it happens all the time. Always makes you wonder but sometimes it is just people who are no longer blogging.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Join the club I lost two this week

Venom said...

The drops outs... quitters, that's all they are.

I will occasionally drop a blog, most often because they haven't posted in 6 months or more. What? I'm gonna wait around forEVER?

I have also dropped a blog who dropped me - I'm not good enough for you why should I waste my time when there are others who crave my attention.

Rarely, I have been forced to drop a blog that I believed had some promise, but who then failed miserably in living up to it. There's only so much dreck a busy person can subject themselves to.

You Paige - not dreck, good follow-backer (I know, not a word), and engaging story writer.

Plus, if I ever commit some heinous crime? I'm saving bottletops and spare change for a retainer.

The desserters? Some will come crawling back, & some are just better off gone.

Anonymous said...

People just quit something cause they made a New Year's Resolution which we know will be forgotten!!
Wait! They will be back as they can't stand NOT to hear the Paigeasters!

Hey, the rest of us are here! Hehehe enjoy

Heidi said...

I would NEVER quit you! :) I have had the same thing happen, but I have been MIA for 5 months.. woofda... I am stuck to you girlfriend!!! and will keep on loving you baby!! isnt that a song line? LOL

duffylou said...

Don't be sad, Paige. All the cool people are still here.

Shelley said...

I wish I knew how to quit you. :) Seriously I'd be a follower but the one time I attempted this I felt like I had to allow a boatload of personal information. Maybe I was doing something wrong?!?

KarenTX said...

Still checking in from Texas! :o)

Jocelyn said...

You know I cant QUIT you PAIGE!!!

I loves you!

Anonymous said...

Hey---what are ya doing? ? ? ?

Just checking! ! !

Enjoy Carol

Rob said...

There you go I've been meaning to follow you but have been to lazy to navigate the mouse an inch and a half.

And after moving the mouse there is the clicking to follow business. Exhausting!

I'm your newest follower!

You make me smile so I hope I've returned the favor by expending the 0.0003 calories it took to complete the arduos follow process

Love, love, love

Anonymous said...

just so you know i read it every day and so do about five others in my office we just arent followers

Amanda said...

That's harsh. Don't quit my seester!

Liza said...

Not a follower, but I check your blog every day. Isn't that enough?

Paige said...

yep, Liza--plenty good!

Obviously, you people are right with the world--except Tranae obviously. She leads a posse of readers, but will not push the button?


Rising Rainbow said...

I guess I don't watch my numbers close enough to know if I lose followers or not. Seems like sometimes I think "wasn't that number higher yesterday?" but then I'm not sure. Sometimes aging and the memory that goes with it can be a good thing I guess. LOL

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