Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How can one kitten be so LOUD?

If I thought I had problems with those crying babies and mamas at the farm, it is nothing compared to this cat in the ceiling.

Some hussy has evidently foaled--or whatever you call kitten having--in the ceiling again. We first heard this loud ass thing this weekend, and good LORD, is she loud. She must be a pretty big baby because she is so loud. I also heard a quieter one, but have not noticed that one since the weekend. That might could be bad.

This loud ass kitty howled all night. It was kind of funny when the dogs wandered all over the house looking at the ceiling. It was not kind of funny when she howled so loud she woke me up every half hour last night, maybe more. Even poor Tazer was tired of her---he kept trying to cover his ears with his arm, but the big cone was in his way. Then he fell out of bed.

Before work, I got the big idea that I could get to her through the front porch and get her loud ass out of there. So I took down the ceiling panels on the front porch, thinking I could climb up in there and be in the ceiling above the master bathroom, which is where I hear her. Well not so much could I do that, but I did get a face full of God knows what kind of foul stuff that came down with the ceiling panel. That was a faulty plan.

So I went to work. Surely it would be quieter there. Not really.

Other things of note today--Barry found out the laptop he has to have for work cannot be fixed, so he had to go buy a new one today. I am so jealous. There is no excuse for the condition my computer is in, so at least it occasionally turns on, so he wins. If mine will limp along for a while, I will get a new one, but I guess it is not now.

Dad had his other surgery too. He should get out of the hospital tomorrow, and we will find out next week whether the cancer is in his bladder lining too. Obviously, that would be very bad. The doc thought he got it all though, so lets hope that is what happens, as the alternatives are very unpleasant if they did not.

Tomorrow, Tazer gets his stitches out---that will be one less irritating thing to deal with around here. The mamas and babies are starting to slow down on the crying at the farm, and I started the new fatten-up-Foxy-again-before-she -gets-really-bad-again program. My workout schedule is all jacked up this week, and when I went to spinning tonight, there was no one there, even the teacher. I feel like I am in an alternate universe. A really loud one

I so want to go to bed early tonight, but that damn cat is at it again.


Holly said...

it is simply incredible how loud a baby cat can be isn't it???? Ear piercing when there are not ceiling tiles between you and her/him. Is there a mama cat associated with this little one?

Paige said...

There must be, but whoever she is sucks as a mother. The one I thought it was must not be, as I saw her yesterday running through the pasture and she looked pretty round.

Someone must be tending to baby sometimes though, or surely she would not have lasted this long

Funder said...

God, Paige, you slay me. My poor husband did NOT understand why I just busted up laughing. Kitten foaling, ceiling funk in the face, bwahaha.

My dad had bladder cancer. Waiting to find out if it had spread to the lining was awful, but he was just fine. It's been two or three years now and he's still a-ok.

Anonymous said...

Paigeasters Abound! ! ! ! and at 5:30 am a cup of good coffee and laughter starts my day! ! !

Thanks for them from me-=---but sorry for you--------

Kitty howling, babies wailing, and it is not Halloween yet---and not quite a full moon.! ! !

All too funny---but is it possible this little one can find her way out----after all she got in. Maybe today is the day.

Still laughing--and enjoying Carol

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