Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Surgery update

Dad is fine. His surgery went well, they got the tumor out of his bladder and did a biopsy on something else. When I was there at lunch, after having been directed to buy him a diet Dr Pepper at a particular place, he complained it was too big.

So he is totally back to normal.

He should get out of the hospital tomorrow and have the results of the biopsy in a week or so. They are testing the tumor as well, but no reason to think it is not cancer, since there is an 80% chance of recurrence once you have had bladder cancer.

He will be fine


Anonymous said...

Surgery, Diet Dr. Pepper, ordering family around sounds like life is pretty normal---of course temporary---but it still is good.

But that is the "dad and mom" side.

Add in the farm and job and the Paigeasters will begin! !

Throw in a few nice days of cool weather and
enjoy carol

Venom said...

Yeah, that's always a good sign.
When I was in the hospital & started bitching about not enough morphine they knew for sure I was going to be fine.

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