Sunday, August 22, 2010

Barry is leaving

Not me. Well kind of me. Not the marriage. He is moving to another job. This one is not nearly as cool for us as the last one is.

He leaves in the morning for Columbus OH. Who knows how long he will be there, several months at least.

That just sucks


Holly said...

Columbus is only about 4 hours from me!

Anonymous said...

Darn! and not easy or fun


As the saying goes in today's society---It is a job-----and of course

Somebody's got do do it.

Hopefully the time will absolutely

and we all will be waiting for the NEW PAIGASTERS. could not resist!
Enjoy Caorl hehehe hawhawhaw

Queen-Size funny bone said...

theres always the reunions to look forward to.

Kim said...

Yuck for you. Sorry to hear that.

Amanda said...


Nancy said...

I just don't know how you do it Paige! I could not stand to be apart from Bear for the three weeks I was traveling in EU for my company! It about killed me and for you guys to do it months on end is a testament to your relationship.

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