Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why I am a Bad ass

Today, on my lunch hour, I got all this done-----

Called the bank to ask them to fix it that I paid my July mortgage to the old account, not the new one

Called lots of people to get to my insurance people to see why I never got the check for tree on roof--they are sending a new one

Called Delta airlines to tell them how bad they suck, submitted several forms, and now await their response

Called vet to get update on Riot and her blindness

Bought gift certificates for Rita and Mom/Dad for doing all the work at the farm, since I am especially grateful they were on top of things, since not everyone was

Ordered new roof for blown up building--comes in on Thursday

.....and surely there was a lot more....I was very busy

And you can only imagine the pile of things in my work mailbox, but I did a decent job or working through those as well

This being in the real world kind of sucks


Anonymous said...

Hey--are you just finding out about the "real world"?

I think not --but - - - -

sounds like you accomplished a WHOLE LOT

Now arrange for cooler weather.
And tell stubborn DH to go to Dr for annual July ? ? ? ?cold, allergy but bad bad bad.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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