Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How many times?

Go ahead, ask me how many times I went to see the vet today.

Not once. That would not even be noteworthy.

Not twice. That is not unheard of.


Three times I drove the same freaking road today, starting at 7 something in the morning. I got within minutes of there, only to get a call that Aries' man in a can had been mis-directed and was not available on the vet's end of the route. Instead it was back in my town. At an unmanned Fed Ex joint.


So I turned around, and headed back to get it. You have to love small towns though--I had a cell number to call a Fed Ex driver when I got close, and he would find the closest driver to meet me at the facility and fork over the semen. So all that happened. Do you have any idea how awkward it is to call work and tell them you will have to take some personal time because you cannot find your semen? well for me, it is really not that bad--this is not the first time this has happened.

Bottom line--instead of Aries being bred at 9 am and me getting to work at 10 am, she was bred at 11:15 and I got to work at 1 pm. We were very fortunate that she held on to her follicle and was getting ready to ovulate when we bred her.

I took Radar with me to this adventure so he could have his teeth done, his eye (from where he whacked it the other day waiting for his Troy visit) stained to see if he had scratched it (he had not), and have his package cleaned, as he is acting ouchy but does not want me to clean it.

I intended to bring them all home at once, but Aries was being super protective of baby Bambi, and without a full divider in the trailer, it was too dangerous to put them all in there. So I brought Radar home and went to work, and after work, I went back there again to get Aries and Bambi. By the time I got to that point, a big storm was kicking up--kind of a white knuckle sort of ride.

On the way home, I stopped to get dog food. I was proud of me. Except then I left it in the truck at the farm anyway and had to feed the dogs hot dogs for dinner. Good thing some of them survived the great freezer breakdown of 2010.

I fully intended to post a bunch of pics tonight, and be interesting, but I have spent most of the nite taking my new turquoise sandals away from Slater. I have a bunch of new sandals and clothes on the kitchen table because I do not have the strength to find a place to put them, and Slater keeps taking a shoe box and taking the same shoe and trying to sneak it in to the living room to chew on it. Defending my new shoes has worn me out, so I think I will lock both these dogs out of my house, and go to bed by myself with my new book.

I hope I can do that just one time, and it goes a little more smoothly than did my vet experience today


Holly said...

well it is good that Aries claims that teeny tiny little baby all for her own and is not willing to share.

it is less good that the Shoe Stealer wants your sandal but you have that handled so....

hooves said...

I thought it might cheer you up to find out that I had a Paige-aster of my own today. Went to the vet to get a bottle of banamine to take this weekend. Was talking to Adriana's daughter and trying to hold too many things. Dropped the bottle of banamine and , of course, it broke. There went $39.00. When Adriana brought out the next one it was all wrapped in bubble wrap. Don't you just love a smart ass? hooves

Anonymous said...

Where to begin with Paigeasters and Malfunctions? ? ? ?

Funny but not funny-----but a nice weekend is coming---hopefully! ! !

enjoy enjoy carol

Have you read anything by Margaret Coell?

Gail said...

I want the strength you have while doing all this. I would never have the energy to keep up.

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