Monday, March 29, 2010

Slater takes a bath

Ol boy was funky funky funky, and I do not know why. Just foul. So at half time of the NCAAs Sunday, we got the big idea that he needed an actual bath. Normally he takes a shower, but we end up with water all over the floor. It is a pain in the ass.

It was easier than I expected. Barry told him to get in the bathtub and he mostly did. And there he stood while he got all lathered up. He does not look particularly happy about it in this pic, but really he was fine with it.

I do not know why we never did this before. It was way easier than having to get in the shower with him, because that is just a little weird.

Now he is all soft and smells like a clean house, since I bathe him with Murphys Oil Soap. If you do not use that on your short haired dogs, you should totally try it--it cleans gently and rinses way better than regular shampoo. They just smell a little like furniture polish for a while. Oh well, that is better than the smell of dirt by a long shot


Linda said...

Murphy's on the dog? Oh I'm so trying that! I worry about not getting all the reg dog shampoo out. And I love the smell. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

And I guess ---puts some oil back in their skin-----who woulda thought? ? ?

He is such a "card"----

enjoy Carol

3 Men and a Lady said...

What a good idea! I'll try Murphy's Oil next time. I'm sure it's good on their skin. I don't bathe our dog often unless I must to keep from drying him out. I've never heard this idea but I'm going to use it. I love the scent, too.

What a big dog! Looks like a sweetie!

The Wife said...

That's a whole lotta dog in that tub! Never heard the Murphy's deal. If I ever decide to try giving Diesel a bath, I could use it on him.

Venom said...

Mark me in the Murphy's? Really? crowd too.

Wonder how that'd work on skunk smell because, yes, it's not even the end of March and the Mighty Hunter Shepherd Bitch has already been skunked...

EmmaP said...

that's awesome!

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