Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy birthday Gabi!

Gabi turned three today. She is still very short, but now she is "three old", or so she told Barry on the phone today. This is her last week with my birthday cake which she loved so much she wanted one just like it. So pretend it is hers. She talked about my cake for weeks, calling it a big large cake, and it had Texas on it and most importantly, it had sparkles on it. She put orange sparkles on both the cakes because sparkles make everything better. And orange is the favorite color of all us, so of course they were orange. She would sing about the sparkles in a funny little voice that made her sound like a pedophile luring kids with candy. Pretty funny though.

This is Gabi playing with my friend Joyce's dog, Lance, who thought she was swell. Or the bows in her hair were swell. Either way, swell. Lance makes Slater look tiny, so imagine how little she looked with him.

This is Lance's sister Gwen, who is kind of shy but like Gabi a lot. She did not care a bit about Gabi's bows, and that was fine with Gab.

Gabi is quite the fashionista. This was also on my birthday out by their pool where Mandy, AmyB and I laughed until we hurt. That always drives Gabi to up her game to get the attention back on her where it belongs. She thinks this is her cute picture pose. I am afraid her head may always lay that way if she keeps it up.

My parents are there for her birthday party today. Edward had made a candy trail from Gabi's room to Mandy and Edward's room. I guess Gabi did not get it because she was all out of whack from the "big mess" that GG (my mom) had made all over with the candy. That is so Gabi--so smart it is hard to get things past her, but she looks at things in her own funny way.

Happy birthday Gabi! We love you!


Lorna said...

Happy Birthday Gabi!!! Great pics!

Holly said...

Happy 3 old Gabi!

Paige and Amanda...she is just darling. Short or not, that child is packed FULL of personality and fun!

Anonymous said...

How sweet ---Gabi----and then throw in the sweet candy and cake.

A Happy Perfect Birthday.

enjoy Carol

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