Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Conquering my fears

This probably does not look like much to anyone else, but to me, it is a big deal. The first time I encountered this wooden bridge, I had already been pitched over my horse's head down the side of a cliff and then had him slip off the side of a path that scared the hell out of me. By the time I got to this bridge, I was wound like a top. I have not had the chance to go back since then.

Until this weekend. We had not been back in this area since then. I had no choice but to suck it up and handle it. I knew Madison would be fine on Gyro, as she is so solid, but you never know what a young colt will do when they get on a different footing for the first time. Sometimes just the noise will freak them out. And as you can see--there is no where to go should one have a come apart, and it is no place for schooling them.

The part Madison and Gyro is walking on is a solid board. The part Hammer and I are on is made up of narrow boards laid next to each other, but there are a lot of gaps. I still choose that part--for one, the horse has to concentrate. For two, it is in the middle! More room for self-correction should we need it. The gaps are big enough though that a little baby hoof could go through there if you hit it just right--especially when you wear pony shoes like the Hamlet. Look what a little concentrator he was though--he was perfectly calm, perfectly content and perfectly steady.

My little Ham Ham was perfect. This pic was actually taken the fourth time over it. The first time I had to talk my way through, breathe deep and force myself to stay calm. I probably freaked him out more with my celebration when we got done- not that you could tell. He is a stoic little bugger.

That accomplishment made all the property damage worth it. For real.

Thanks for sending the pics Linda!


Linda said...

*throws confetti* HURRAY! WAY TO GO! AWESOME!
Conquering fears is HUGE! Nicely done!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! This so awesomely cool! Good for the both of you! This is big! Look at how focused on task he is.

I would have had to come home and drink a glass of wine to not only celebrate, but to calm my nerves and that adrenaline rush! hehe!


Pony Girl said...

We have to cross a couple of bridges on our trail rides. I hate it! My horse is usually fine, once he got hesitant mid-way and I almost had a panic attack, LOL! Another time he was spooky just before we crossed, so I got off and led him over. I didn't realize until I was on foot on the bridge how much it wobbles, and that made me almost more nervous than if I'd been on his back!
I'm glad you had a successful crossing!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

WHOO-HOO!!! Fantastic!! I'm so glad he is keeping such a calm temperament!!

The Wife said...

Congrats Paige! You should be proud of yourself for conquering that fear.

Anonymous said...

CELEBRATION laa laa! ! ! singing and dancing with my coffee

so now eat, drink and be merry due to the accomplishment! ! !

enjoy carol

Holly said...

WOOT! You go Strawn (and Mr. H!). Sometimes I am surprised by what spooks a horse and what doesn't. Glad you screwed your courage to the sticking point and glad your little guy did so well!

Jocelyn said...

How cool for you! Good Job!
I totally understand the fear factor when it comes to scary trail things with the horses. Ive been there too.

Gail said...

You are braver than I, I would have lead him.

EmmaP said...

yay! that means you can celebrate with a drink, right? ;)

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