Monday, June 15, 2009

A day at the Lake

Saturday was the perfect day to go to the lake--something we used to do every weekend, but like everything else, it got away from us and now we rarely go. We live close to Rend Lake, which is great for playing on.

This is Sam cheesing for the camera. Sam is just now starting to enjoy boating. We took him as a tiny baby and of course he did not notice, but since then, it is pretty unpredictable whether he will be up for it or not. He likes to "fish" with his toy fishing pole, but it was not in the boat. He took that well, and moved on. He was excited to meet Gabi, and they shared snacks. It was so cute. He has grown up so much, and is doing things he would not do before, and enjoying them. He kept asking to go faster faster.
Mandy and Gabi joined us, and there is not a body of water that Gabi does not want in on. And since it is Mandy, she saw people she knew in party cove, and they swam off to socialize for a while. Gabi takes it all in stride, even when her life jacket tipped her over on her face a few times. Once we figured out to take that head piece off, it was better.
Mike has an injured knee, on which he is having surgery this week--so he is not so able-bodied.
Sam willingly going on the innertube out into the water was a first. I think it helped that Gabi did it, and like all little boys, he does not want to miss anything. Then Gabi wanted off, and he got scared, so Jenna got on with him. That was a huge thing for him, and he even seemed to enjoy it, the longer he was out there. That made the whole trip worth while.
Do not ask me why Barry looks so odd in this picture--what is up with that hat?
Gabi loved everything about it. This was her first boat trip, and she had a goofy look on her face for the first ten minutes, but it passed and she loved it.
On the way back to the dock, I saw Sam holding hands with Jenna---he was barely awake like everyone is after an afternoon in the water and sun. I thought this was a happy picture.

I hope we get some more days out there this summer--it seems the time gets away from us before we know it, and we have not made time to enjoy it like we should.

This year that will probably be more true than usual. Why you ask? Because BARRY GOT A JOB! He started today. In Chicago. That will seriously limit his time at home, but we will adjust. He is excited about the possibilities, so that is good. Cross your fingers that this works out as well as it can,


City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh the kids look like they had a blast!!! That's so great that Barry got the job in Chicago!! Wow that is going to be quite an adjustment for you both!! Right?!?!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I can make you laugh-----as is says above this box---but hopefully "smile"

Your day at the lake looks perfect and IS PERFECT with family, as in Gabi and Mandy along with wonderful friends.

And a JOB for Barry! ! ! Any body who "complains" about their job commute to you------"slap them up the side of the head"-----and "regale" stories of his commute.

Enjoy Carol

Shelley said...

The day on the lake looked like so much fun.

Barry has got me beat hands down on the commute. I won't whine about my 55 minute 48 mile one way trip ever again.

Amanda said...

my favorite pic is the one of them holding hands... says so much of his bond with Mommy. Sam was so good and so kind to Gabi that I was truly awestruck. I knew Gabi would love him and she did. You forgot to tell the part about the kisses. That was the sweetest part of the day.

Fancy Schmancy said...

Congrats to Barry on the job! Fingers crossed for you on the adjustment period.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on Barry's new job. The location sucks, but a job is a job, especially now.

The day at the lake looked great.

Liza Lundell

Jillene said...

The lake looks BEAUTIFUL!! I am glad that you had such a good time!!

My fingers and toes are crossed that the job goes well!!

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