Monday, August 4, 2008

Drumroll please!

There have been many developments over the last few days.

The biggest happened today--potential cleaning lady came out and did not run screaming. That is good. But it is not all that happened.

First there was the sheer volume of work I did yesterday. Considering that Barry and I slept until 1 pm, it is even more remarkable. He never sleeps that much, but he slept 13 hours---I guess he earned it since he worked 17 hours on Thursday, 10 on Friday and 10 or so on Saturday, so almost a full week more than he normally does-- and did it all in the heat--I on the other hand will take any chance to sleep that late. Any day of the week, if it were up to me. I love to sleep, it is my favorite thing to do. Even on vacation, he has to make me get up, and not take naps, that is how much I love to sleep.

So anyway, we slept slept and slept some more. Then we decided to have breakfast which we do a lot of Sundays, but we have not been home and not completely buried in work in so long that we have not been out in a while. By the time we got done with that--kind of a disappointment, remind me that Bob Evans chicken pot pie is not a good decision, darn it---it was almost 3 pm

I have had it in my brain that I need one of those electric hedge trimmers like my mom has so I can cut up stuff that I cannot get him to chain saw--like weeds that turn into trees because he also will not weedeat. Off we went to Lowes to get my new toy (which is still in the box cuz it is too hot to get it out).

When we got home, I fixed up my new Roundup sprayer backpack and got after it. I actually sprayed EVERY SINGLE EXPOSED FENCE LINE on the property. And all the landscaping, and around the pool and the fancy doghouse, and the propane tank (now there are some terms you do not normally see in the same sentence). And I even got all the way down to Sly's barn, and Round upped the hell out of that too. I mean to tell you that I wore it out with the spraying.

Of course, by the time I got down to the bottom of the sprayer, I was at the farthest possible point from the house and had to come get refilled which made me seriously want to quit. But I felt bad for conning Barry into bushhogging in the heat (how had I known he was going to break the tractor an hour into it, I would not have been so willing), so I came back and reloaded and went back at it.

After that, I climbed up the big ladder to clean gutters in the back of the house. I am terrified of ladders and I had this big idea that I was going to climb up there and clean them all out, then move the ladder down to the next section--that thing must weigh 200 pounds. It was a mess, but I got half of the back done maybe.

That was about all I needed for the day, and it was time for Big Brother 10. After that, I hauled a big trash can that my dad brought me (WITH A LID!) out to the pool and picked up about 100 cans and bottles. Evidently no one noticed that the can was gone and we just kept chucking empties at it---made a bit of a mess. We are set for a while now though, it will take some time to fill that one up! Unless we keep having company, then I bet I will be surprised how fast it goes. The point is that we are a tad less hillbilly looking today than we were two days ago.

What else did I do? Oh gave two dogs a bath. That is easy on Slater who thinks baths are the best thing ever and just stands there smiling through it all. Simba is a little more work and takes every chance to run off --but we got through it.

Seems like there was more stuff to do--I know, I RE-WASHED laundry that sat in the washer waiting for an opening to be dried--not so easy when no one will put up the laundry. We were in the middle of a three day siege over the full baskets, so that was necessary. All better now as of tonight.

Today, besides going to work and finishing a brief and reading a record for a co-worker, I did virtually nothing besides finally updating my website, and walked around trying to figure out how long it takes for Roundup to work. I do not feel like my weeds are dying in a timely manner, and this concerns me that I was working like a dog in the heat for no reason. Do these weeds not know that I have schedule issues?

The website thing is serious business and took four people to get lined out-- I finally ordered the new software I needed for this laptop and got it loaded. I tricked myself though and it took a team to fix me up, but hallelujah, there are at least photos for MOST of the babies born this year and a few other things. As usual, everything I do makes me realize how much MORE there is to do and now I know how bad my pics are and how badly I need new and better pics.

Man that all made me tired.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

I bet I know--more friggin laundry


Lazy A Ranch said...

Would your dogs would let her in the house if your not there? I hope she works out, but I would be damn sure intimidated if you wanted me to go to your house with 4 big dogs like them and you weren't there. Remember the poor water man?

Paige said...

Yeah, they are good with that. She has already met Thor and Tequila and they were very friendly and sweet with her--Slater and Simba I would put in the backyard when she comes, as that is just too many chances to take with their being a possibility of Simba getting to Tequila.

That is the first question I ask and that is why I have them come over to meet the dogs first--she wont do me any good if she cannot get in the house!

Holly said...

well you certainly worked hard didn't you?

I've used Roundup or the store brand equivilent painted on individual plants. Takes up to a week to notice any diff depending on the species.

Paige said...

That is the trick--this is superman roundup--that I got from the hookup. He told me that the roundup you can buy at lowe's has about 1% of the active ingredient, and this has 41%. No comparison.

It would not be that big of a deal, if I did not have to lock up the animals while I do it, and keep them locked up until it dries.

and of course, if my schedule was not so vital to me!

Robin Sallie said...

Made me tired too!

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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