Friday, July 25, 2008

A nice welcome home after a long week

Man was this a long week. I do not know why, it was not jam packed with crap like my life usually is, but I worked hard enough at my actual job that I have had a headache for four days. I told Barry tonight that I think my head hurts because he will not weed eat the yard, but really it is likely because I have been editing and re-writing, and editing some more, and then read about 3000 pages of transcripts and subpoenas where people argued about wiretaps and federal statutes versus state statutes until I swear I wanted to jump off the damn building. I have worked at nite, woke up thinking about things at work and generally stressed way too much for government work.

I was so glad to get home this evening, knowing I was going to get in bed for a Friday evening nap before going to the movies later (which never happened obviously or I would not be here now).
This was a nice scene to see on my way up my driveway. Barry was already home, so the dogs were not out torturing the pig, which they only do when I am coming up the drive-- I think they are showing off for me. They make quite a racket when they are aggravating Boce, so to come home to QUIET in the yard and pasture is a rare treat.

Just seeing those sweet faces, and knowing my animals are happy and content made a huge difference in how I felt.

I had a nice but too short nap and am feeling much better. I better enjoy it as the forced march starts again tomorrow, with a day of tag team farrier work and a trip to Barry's hometown for Festival Days.


Anonymous said...

You bet! Fonzie and Boce, "smiling", quiet doggies, happy hubbie--Happy Days

Have a nice Festival Weekend.

enjoy Carol

Paige said...

Well we are not off to a good start--my hopes to see Boogie at the trainer on the way did not pan out, I almost passed out during the farrier work so I had to come home and leave BS there to finish which makes him cranky.

Grandpa got a trim, dewormed, and his fly sheet taken off to show that he has lost about 100 pounds. Oddly he looks healthy, just very skinny.

So eventually we will head to Festival Days which is really just a beer tent, but the older I get the less tolerant I am of a beer tent when it is 95 dgrees. 75 degrees, there is not much better, but somehow something has happened to me that keg beer in a flavor other than my own, which is never cold enough, while standing in the heat with people I do not know, does not sound as appetizing as it used to

Train Wreck said...

Wow! I don't know how you found my little page? But I am glad you did!! Beautiful horses!! Just gorgeous!! I have a dun (Buckskin coloring) That looks similar in build to your Red Dun! I am going to go read about your horses now! (I just looked at the pictures just now!) Thanks for stopping and commenting on my page!! I will be back here!

Anonymous said...

Oh My! it sounds like the start of your Festival Days was not good.

Optimistic Olga says, " It is the heat that got to you and your brain, which it then distorted so you would think Festival Days and the Beer Tent are not fun."

Better next time or next year.

Enjoy Carol

Robin Sallie said...

That horse is beautiful! I love the colors.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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