Friday, July 11, 2008

Mt Rushmore

We may not have covered a lot of ground today, as we got only from Billings, Montana to Keystone, South Dakota---but we did a lot on the way. We stopped at Little Big Horn Battlefield in Montana, then went to Sheridan, Wyoming where it is Rodeo Week, and then headed here to Keystone.

We have a lot more to do here tomorrow, and I have to rest up for it--all this outdoor stuff is hard on an office dweller!


Anonymous said...

Now, I'm getting jealous.

Anonymous said...

Those "guys" ---how they look, what they stand for-----and all this time still prevail----

awesome and look so good.

Thanks for the memories.

Remember the Corn Palace in Mitchell. ( if you are able)

enjoy Carol

Holly said...

vacations tire me out!

Paige said...

Depending on how much we get done here today, the Corn Palace is on for tonight or early in the morning.

Jenna told me to go there too--she went to college up here, so I have had the scoop from her too. I had no idea South Dakota had so much to offer, I swear!

This morning is the Crazy Horse Memorial and then Custer State Park--then the Badlands and Wall Drug

Anonymous said...

I have done this whole tour with the parents when I was like ten. Did you go to Wall drug or Royal Gorge yet don't forget the petrified forest and the badlands. Loved the corn palace in a strange sort of way. Also did Wild Bills museum.

Paige said...

We did Wall Drug and The Badlands Saturday nite---and the Corn Palace yesterday morning.

I remember you going on this--and Steph H. went with her family in high school-- I wondered why. Now I know, that was wild

Lazy A Ranch said...

that is a cool shot

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