Monday, June 23, 2008

Name that pup

Do not ask me how this happened, but I want it known far and wide that Barry was behind this stunt.

There is a new puppy at our house--he is going to live at the farm. He is way too little so far though, so has to stay here until he learns some things and gets big enough to take care of himself. So far, the kittens have put the smack down on him, and the pig is showing him his little teeth--I am pretty sure the groundhogs would put him down in a second.

He is supposedly 5 1/2 weeks old---way too young to be taken from his family, but here he is all the same. He is a blue heeler x Walker coonhound. He is teeny tiny and he loves Barry---good thing, since he did it, huh?
I tried to get photos to show how little he is, but it is hard. Here he is with Simba, who is about 125 pounds.

See him under her tail? She has her hocks up in the air and he is not even as tall as that. On the second pic, you can see he is not even as tall as her haunches are when she is laying down. When he sleeps, which is quite often, he wads up in a ball and will fit in your hand. That makes me think he is not even as old as they said he was.

He thinks he is big though--Barry said he jumped out of the truck to the ground today, and he follows everywhere getting underfoot--even all the way to the back of the farm to fill water troughs.

He needs a name. If someone does not come up with some thing good, we will end up calling him Poopy like we did the last random dog that showed up --and that is not a nice thing for such a cute little wiggle.


Julie said...

No MackDaddy?

Anonymous said...

Aw! ! ! he is so cute. But BABY will not work when he is grown up. Like Stormy Whether for a girl my son went to high school with.

Gotta think! Maybe "Toughy"

Ask Bree


Holly said...

Denim is the first name that comes to mind, he looks and acts more like a heeler right now. Heelers tend to be stick tights. Meg cannot stand to be more than a few feet away from me. He is pretty darling.......and tiny.

Paige said...

Probably not Mack Daddy. He will be way too little for such a big name.

He does stick close that is for sure. He also chews on my ear when he gets the chance.

He HATES being penned, but he has no choice until I know the others won't eat him

*Sarah* said...

oh my freakin christ. He so ADORABLE. I WANT HIM. If I had an apartment that allowed pets I would steal him away from you. His colors are my favorite combo which is why I love aussies and cattledogs as far as looks go anyway. I can't get over his tininess and cuteness. It is killing me!!!! You better put lots of pics up woman.

As far as names, it's so tough, but go to, it's a perfect resource. There's also which is pet names. I put way too much effort into names so I can't suggest any right off the bat.

Anonymous said...

How about Peewee or Junior? Or Squatty?

Holly said...

names: ariat, latigo, dally, dually, Quill, Ace

Lorna said...

Um.. Staying with ending "O" theme with your horses being that he is ALSO born this year and being that he will end up at the farm - how about "Ryno" -

He'll be such a little Rynoblaster!

Paige said...

All good suggestions- we already had an Ace--he was a great dog, funny as hell.

We also already have a squatty Guat, so I cannot name the dog after her. And I dont want to give him a short man's complex.

I too suggested the O theme--but had not come up with the right one--I love Ryno though.

I will raise that one with the boss.

You should see BS carry him around in his hand--it is like a little purse. I heard him tell Simba that he was sorry but he had done a dumb thing.

But it is done now

Amy B said...

that puppy is soooo Adorable!!!! can't wait to see what you name him......

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