Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fuzzy's face update

So pretty huh? It is actually healing all right, I think---hard to say how much of that chunk of skin and tissue we are going to lose though. That is always a crapshoot.
I have to admit that the hardest part for me is looking at the bugs land on the wound. These pics were before she got new scarlet oil and that helps to keep the bugs away.

Meanwhile, could she BE FATTER? Maybe she did this because she heard me say I am going to sell her? Or maybe it is because we put her into boot camp?

She is a cute girl, I think, more so as she gets older even.


Holly said...

she is really cute, how big? and how about some side shots of her

RunDrums said...

I am a firm believer of scarlet oil , scrub twice a day with bateidine then put the scarlet oil on it might take a month but before you know it will be closed up and looking normal.

pita-woman said...

Went back and caught up on the happenings. Sorry for the loss of the puppy, same thing happened to a friend of ours & the guilt she felt was massive!
Those cuts do look horrible, but as you said, face wounds always look worse than they are. I hope she recovers with no lasting trauma.
You've so many beautiful photos of your horses, it's nice just to scroll through and look at them. Keep up the nice work.

Paige said...

She is about 14'1" or 2". I will try to remember to stick her soon.

I put up some side shots of her a week or so ago, but they were under saddle. Maybe I will get some more tonight.

She sure wont do for this weeks assignment with that hole in her face, will she?

Anonymous said...

She's looking pretty good. That Sly is on beautiful stud.
Love you,

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