Monday, June 30, 2008

Donkey see, Donkey do

I do not know why this happens, but it almost always does---as soon as I move a donkey from one place to the other, they lay down and roll. Today I did not so much move the donkeys from the middle pasture to the back, but they insisted on going with me when I went to the back to bushhog (which by the way HURTS when there are such tall weeds like we had--I got thorns stuck all over my legs). That was all right that they went with me, as they have no business in the middle pasture and I do not know why there were there in the first place--but that is the nature of donkeys--they do what they want.

First Miss Pixie hit the dirt---she wallered and wallered and kicked up such a cloud of dust, I almost could not see her.
She is a graceful sort. For an ass.

Marvin waited till she was done, almost like he was studying her technique. Then he flung himself down and had at it for a while. Marvin often sings along with his performance---he grunts and groans and sometimes farts--he really gets into his roll.

All that rolling is hard work, so he had to have a little rest before he got up. He probably had a vision that he was going to be put to work while I was bushhogging--every time I looked over there, Madison was sitting on him, while he grazed or ate mulberries that she was picking.

It was a big day for the donks--relocation, exercise with the kid, taste testing berries.

It is hard being an ass around here


Anonymous said...

NAW,doesn't sound like it to me.

food to eat, place to sleep, and places to run and play,

those two-legged guys to talk to me and pet me.

Hard ? ? ?

Hee Haw Carol

Holly said...

good grief, look at the belly on her!

Jamik said...

My neighbors have donkeys and they are the funniest thing. They lay around in the dirt in the sun when it's 110 degrees out! (well, okay, I'm exaggerating on the temp, but you get the idea) Like they are sunbathing. I have never seen anything like it.

*Sarah* said...

Haha they look so funny, especially with that belly. They look like they'd be fun too, kind of silly.

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