Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Broodmares are so easy to read

Could anyone ever mistake what this face means? Even non-horse people probably can tell that means to back it up and do it in a hurry.

The funny thing is she was bossing someone OVER the fence--which was not even close to her.

Mares are so transparent.


Holly said...

her ears disappeared! What did you do with her ears? Why did you cut off.....oh wait. If i look closely I can see them.......

is there any mammal that does not recognize purely pissed off when they see it?

Anonymous said...

Horse Student says: I EVEN GET IT

Warning: I (meaning horse) am pissed. Watch out.

Only other horse I saw up close and personal do this was Bree's ( Lorna's daughter) Tess when Lorna approached her in the stall at the 4-H fair last summer.

The "lesson" was: Lorna is the mean ole boss, while Bree is the sweetheart. REbellion

Enjoy Carol

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