Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back to business--Horse business, that is

Oy, the things that need to be done now that we are back----it never ends. Actually, that is not true--it is the mowing and the pool that is taking up a lot of time. We got most of the horse pasture at the house bushhogged last nite and only another 20 minutes of back yard mowing is left--it is pretty slow going--I sure wish pastures grew like that.

As far as the pool issues are going, Operation Kill the Tadpoles is well under way--I will spare you any further description of that. Trust me, you would thank me. This morning, the color had changed a bit in the water, and the filter cleaning was ongoing--more chemicals tonight, and perhaps another water test in the morning. I would really like to be in that pool after work tomorrow-- it is HOT.

We did have a few horse chores last nite, and one of them was teasing Foxy and Snap to see what was shaking in there--Foxy was last bred on May 19, and was out by May 21...that in itself was problematic, as she was ultrasounded for a preg check many days before that and found open but with a monster follicle already egging up and ready to ovulate. She still stayed in for another week--that mare makes me crazy. So we kept breeding her every other day until she finally went out, which was the 21st. That means that when we teased her on Tuesday nite, June 10, she was 21 days post---she showed no heat--so either she is in foal, or just went out and we missed the cycle.

This month and week is a bit of a mess, so she will not be ultrasounded until next Monday when she would be either 26 days in foal, or needing a decision made---do we short cycle her and get her done again, or leave her open for next year? I hate to leave her open for two years......she is 14 this year.

Snap is 19 days post-breeding, assuming the HcG worked in the 48 hour period after I gave it, which would make her 17 days in foal at the least if she is. She too showed nothing to Sly--well she showed him the bottom of her feet telling him to back off. We will ultrasound her Monday as well.

The exciting part of all this is that Foxy was easy to catch--not always the case in a 25 acre field with grass over her head--and she is looking pretty dang good. Her weight issues still have me stumped, but I like the looks of her today.

As far as tonights activities go, Sam has a T-ball turned kickball game at 5:30, which I want to stop and see. I have a budget meeting for a board I am on at 6, and somehow in there, I need to stop in and see the man about straightening the horse trailer axle and welding the dividers back on---somehow I don't see all that happening. After the meeting, I mean to mow at the farm, when really it probably needs bushhogged, the grass is so thick.

The fun for tonight is that after seeing Missy's awesome pics of her foals playing in the pond, we are going to open ours up for the yearlings to play in....I hope that gives me some great shooting opportunities. I start an online equine photography class today too, and I have an assignment--I hope to combine the two together.

I am hanging on for the weekend!


Holly said...

good grief you are a busy woman!

Paige said...

And I was thinking not so busy really---I have lists but do not feel berserk about them.

I have four errands today is all-- more water to be tested and pool chemicals to be bought, stop by performeance welding place to make trailer repair appointment, get some bottled water from the place that is supposed to deliver but does not---and something else I am sure---oh yeah, probably NOT finish mowing since I think I broke the mower last nite, but take some more pics of horses that might get in the pond.

But what did I do? Left my purse at home.

So add a return trip in there, damnit

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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