Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tango's first turnout

Well this is not Tango, but my pictures will not move like I want them to. This is Squeak, her mama. Because she is currently blind, we had many things to get in order before we could turn her and Tango out for real. I had to get everyone situated in other pastures, so I could open up the middle one for her to be alone and not have to worry about other horses looking at her baby. It is about 5 acres I think. Normally, I would have given her the front pasture, where she is comfortable and knows where things are, but with a baby to chase, I do not want her that close to the road--she would sure end up in it.

Since I was taking pics of the baby, I also got a lot of Squeak, because she distracts me. She is stunning, isn't she? A shame she cannot see herself in a mirror, I think she would like herself.

This is too close to the pasture divider for my taste--but of course that is where Tango wanted to be to see everyone else. Typical. Squeak can see enough that MOST of the time she would not touch the fence, btu the more frantic she got looking for baby, the less she thought and the more she reacted, so she did have a run in or two with it. That lead to taking them off the pasture and giving her the sand pit area, which we lined with corral panels to make even safer.

But before it happened, I got a jillion pics of them playing etc. They are such a pretty pair, just bare with me.

Look, they match! Not quite my regular twins pic, but still cute

You would not know she cannot see, by the way she poses for me, would you?

She is definitely most content when she is right on top of her baby. Touching is best.

You know how babies are though--they get a burst of energy and then the game is on--note her bells flapping--this was taken in a pile of hay with BS standing in front of her--that is what led to the crouch---I cannot wait until she is older and we get this same shot in front of a cow. You cannot tell me the way they use their bodies is not instinctual--you do not see halter horses move like this.

Squeak worked up a good sweat chasing baby--this was very early in the turnout. She will have herself in shape in no time with this little beastie to keep after--

Such a pretty girl, isnt she? I see both her parents in there already. No wonder she is so nice---talk about some concentrated blood. She has Docs Sugs Brudder three times in her first four generations--Docs Haida twice.....that has sure been a magic cross

This is her being careful and picking through the tail end of a round bale.

In the shadow of a tree---FINALLY her bell settled down--in so many of the pics, it is blowing out to the side---she can cover some ground when she wants to. She really wants to.

Look at the dirt blowing up behind her in this takeoff.

This is one of my favorites---

This was very early on--Squeak was chasing her as hard as she could go, and NO she did not hit that fence--she put the turn on in a hurry and got turned around without even grazing it. She learned pretty quickly to use some discipline in her chasing or she would go right through some things---the level of concentration it must take to chase that baby and be aware of where she turns and where she goes, just by listening to the bell, is amazing. But she does it.

I love these girls. I wish they could be out full time and maybe they will be able to eventually, but for now, they are resigned to the sand pit. It is 40 x 70 and plenty big for baby to run---and she gets the sun and fresh air, which is what matters I guess. Not conducive to taking pics like this though.


Holly said...

those are some outstanding photos.

I think I now have my favorite baby and it is Miss Tango. Love her mamma, love her daddy so I think it's inevitable that this pretty youngster would be a favorite.

Camille said...

Great pictures. I am glad they can go outside. I have often wondered about blind horses, and I can imagine how worried you must have been, especially since she has the baby! Eek!

I swear, if my life does not straighten up I am going to ditch it all and come live in your barn. You would never have to worry about your horses again, and I would be in heaven... quiet...nobody bitching or annoying me....

Sinjinn said...

Ya know, I was sitting here wondering if there was a way for you to give Momma an idea when shes coming up on the fence line. I thought of something making noises but that might be distracting right? So I though of this -- and it's prolly a REALLY dumb idea but.... what if you hung some of those car air freshners from the fence lines? Even in her panic mode, she'd be able to smell that stuff. Like I said, prolly a really dumb idea but never having had a blind animal....

Anonymous said...

OMG---Squeak is beautiful. If she could see---you are right---she would never leave the mirror for looking at herself.

Naw I don't think so----as she is concerned about her babies and shows she cares more about them than herself.

Tango is also beautiful and cute too.

Blind and Bells----fence warnings!
Does the horse world have other kind of "buzzers" or something to put on fences to warn horses?

Horse student Carol

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