Saturday, May 10, 2008

A solution to a problem

Squeak is a wonderful mother. So good in fact that this being blind as a mother for the first time is scary to her---she does great in the stall where she cannot lose her baby, but she wigged right the hell out when we tried to put her in run-n where she has been perfectly comfortable during her blind period. It did not go well. She can obviously see some things as she can track that kid pretty well, but the more wound up she got, the more she reacted rather than thought. I was afraid she would hurt herself.

Thus, a solution was needed. Having been down this road before with a blind mare, I knew what to do, I just had not gotten to it yet.Could this be cuter, with Squeak all snuggled up to her baby--I swear, it looks like an engagement announcement in the news paper!

Now the bells are all prettily attached to Miss Tango, who hates them about as much as all babies do. She will get used to them though and probably forget they are there by morning. It is all her doing anyway as she flat refused to answer her mother when she would call for her---she would just stand there looking simple and act like a mute. Drove me crazy.

Let's hope this does the trick as well as it did the first time with Goldy.


Jamik said...

That pic of Mom and baby may be one of the cutest I've seen! Love it! ;0)

theCloth said...

Good thinking and good photography.

Holly said...

Paige Strawn, that photo of the mare with her head wound around that baby is simply stunning.


Lorna said...

What an adorable picture. You couldn't get that in a million years of trying.

That is certainly one to be submitted!

Miss Tango is darling!

Anonymous said...

The "engagement" picture is priceless. I remember the last time we had to put a bell on a baby. I'm sure it will work.
Great pics.

Anonymous said...

What else is left for me to say? ? ?

Beautiful picture.

I hope there are contests or whatever where you could enter it. Even if no winning anything-----the enjoyment of those looking is priceless.


Holly said...

I keep coming back to the bell picture to look at it again. Love it. and I also really like the closeup of the bell on the ribbon

Paige said...

I love it too, I just wish it was a better photo--better lighting, cleaner stall, Squeak brushed etc.

I love it though, it makes me happy

And baby girl is still dinging away today and it is definitely helping. They are still in their stall, as it is storming and winding like hell here today

Robin Sallie said...

What a great idea!

Amy B. said...

So cute!

Lazy A Ranch said...

Squeak and her filly pic is the BEST, such love there.

the cubicle's backporch said...

I LOVE that first photo. That is too cute. And that's a creative idea for mom to track her baby!

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