Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Relocation for Squeak and Tango

That does not sound that hard, does it? Things are a little different when dealing with one that is blind---while she is normally very easy and trusts us 100%, she freaks a little when she is not right on top of her baby. And you know how babies are----they do what they want, when they want. This one is no different, she does not follow her mama like Squeak would prefer.

Tango does not look that big in this pic of her loping from one side of the barn to an interior foaling stall, does she? I was surprised at this pic.

This one, in their new stall, shows how tall she is---Squeak herself is no shrinking violet, and is my biggest mare at 15 hands or so.

She does not even look like she just foaled--then again, she did not look full term yesterday either. She must hide it better because of her size.

I just like this one. I do not know why.


Holly said...

I love the last picture too, but the one of Squeak is a great picture of her. Beautiful mare.

I think I like the baby nursing one so well because it fills up the frame

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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