Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The participants

Everyone has their own story, but I am trying to get a photo of everyone posted so I dont leave anyone out. Now that I have the good camera, I hate using the older one, even though it is a really nice camera--it is just frustrating to slow down. Anyone, above is a watering spot-obviously, and I am where I usually am--behind! From right to left is Head riding Tumbleweed, Linda on Dirty, Amy on Woodrow, Julie is in the background on Leroy, Jodi is on Fred, and Barry is on Hawkeye. This was Saturday so it was before Adrianna and the girls arrived.
This is Adrianna riding Spud--he is a big ol boy. I dont know how she gets that high up there with that little saddle, but she does. Adrianna is the one that did the ERU treatments for us.
This is Charlie, riding Spirit. He is a gray paint, and is also a big ol boy, about 16 hands.
This is Julie and Leroy, and Jodi and Fred. Jodi made Fred pretty, and Julie was jealous, so by the next day, Leroy had his hair did too.
This is Amy on Tumbleweed (must have been Sunday) and Linda on Dirty. I like Dirty--even when he is waving a hind foot at me warning me to back up. Tumbleweed was having an argumentative day, so he was called by his alter ego name Dickweed part of the day. Amy was a little overwhelmed by our rough trails, and Saturday was rough as so many trees were down we had to forge our own way a lot--a bit of a shock to the system for her, since she is used to Forest Preserve land in the Chicago area. She was a trooper though.
This is Leroy's trick--he likes to stand on rocks. I guess it is a WalkingHorse thing.

More to come tomorrow


Anonymous said...

Standing on rocks! ! ! ! And looking with an expression,"what are YOU looking at"

The trail ride THIS morning was great. Enjoyed every minute of it and was not "saddle-sore"

Enjoy and will look tomorrow for more

Robin Sallie said...

That looks like a fun trip.

Holly said...

wow, whadda group! Love all the photos here but the one of Spirit yawning is hysterical!

Lazy A Ranch said...

Love your pictures, looks like it was fun.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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