Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yesterday was a microcosm

of my life--I think that is the right word. Either that, or I have just embarrassed myself.

This is what I see when I leave the house every morning--it is a great way to start the day. I wish he could control that mane though!

It started at 7 am, with BS and I loading Aries and Gypsy to go to the vet to have their post-foaling flush. Surprisingly, they were willing to leave their babies at home and loaded fine--until we were ready to go. Then Gypsy started wailing on Aries like I have never seen. It was awful and I was so angry, but could not get her to stop unless the trailer was moving. As soon as we arrived at the vet, we sedated her cranky butt, and that solved that problem.
You know Aries is relieved to be away from her when she stands so nice and quiet in the stocks...even feeling like she was in jail and getting the tube had to be better than the ride from hell.

We had two good flushes and returned home. I had a near miss with this one's family

I had not even had my diet coke yet and already this day was becoming too much for me.

I got home and attempted to put both girls and their babies in the front pasture. I fed breakfast to the other mamas to distract them and went about it--but Shiloh would not cooperate. She ran all over hell and gone and would not follow her mother. The top of my head almost blew off--why is it these things only happen when you are already in a hurry?

Ultimately that got done, and I went to work. There I worked worked worked worked, and made a list of ten errands to do over lunch. Got most of that done and after work, attempted to take Squeaklet to the trainer. The nite before, I had groomed her all up pretty, but she was a mess by then. Story of my life, but I did not have time to deal with that. Barry should have been home by then to go with me, but was stuck working out of town, so after three interruptions by people looking for manure, and one fit thrown by Squeaklet about loading, Madison and I got her done and off I went. By this time, it was 5:30--I had hoped to be at the trainers by 6 pm, and that clearly was not going to happen.

Off I drive, with this new paranoia that there is something wrong with the trailer tires. There is not, but I have it on the brain, and the way my day was going, I would not have been surprised had they blown. They did not.

I arrive at the trainers and am immediately distracted by PEACOCKS! Peacocks all around.
This is his oldest peacock,m about 6 years old--it takes until they are 7 or so for their plumes to reach their full size, even though they fall out every year and start over. This was probably the biggest plume I had ever seen, and he was sure strutting his stuff up their on the roof.

This one below is younger, maybe three years old. He attempted to tell Big Daddy up there that he was something, but it did not impress him too much--it was hysterical to watch them posturing and carrying on.

This one dropping his plume is younger, but had the second biggest set. I loved this white one, but he would never show it all off, so this was the only photo I got of him


Taking pics of them and getting her settled dragged things out a while, and I did not get home until 8:30....Barry was still not home from work


Lazy A Ranch said...

Is this the new trainer? Cool birds, very pretty.

Paige said...

NO this is a guy I used to use--he is pretty good with young ones. Target is still at the new trainers--we decided to do another 30 days on him

I have more pics that are way better, bu Blogger is acting up

Holly said...

I had trouble with Blogger earlier today. Didn't recognize me. But I shut down the computer, did some other things that needed done and it must have straightened itself out.

That is a fantastic picture of the peacock

Elly'sMom said...

Peacocks are so pretty, but Dolly will come completely unglued if she hears one go off. I've never seen a white one before. Very pretty.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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