Saturday, April 26, 2008

Xan is worried about her son

And so am I. This poopy butt of his below has gotten out of hand. He came in Friday afternoon after I saw that he had a peculiar color of mess on his hiney and I gave him Biosponge to line him out. That stuff usually takes care of business straight away.

Not so much this time. This morning, we caught him pooping as he rested. Now that ain't right. More Biosponge, a call to the vet, treatment started and now we are watching for signs that he needs IV fluids. I do not think he does so far, but I am watching it closely. The wierd poop has not stopped, and his temp is 101.4, without having had any painkillers or anything that would bring it down.

Cross your fingers that we can whip whatever this is fast and easy without having to put him through the fluids, or being so sick that he needs them. I know there are worse things, but to me, requiring fluids is always a sign that the situation is dire.


Holly said...

Xan has a beautiful face.

*Sarah* said...

Oh no :*( I hope everything turns out alright...

Lazy A Ranch said...


Paige said...

We just started that at 2 pm , and we are going to do it every two hours--first dose clearly did not do a damn thing for him, though, which concerns me.

Poor baby boy--he is being so good, he really likes the Pepto

Kaycie said...

I had to go back and get more biosponge for my little guy. He was also just laying down and letting hte poop roll out. I think he had a total of 5 doses. I have some new pictures of him on my blog finally.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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