Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Very dirty girls

It stopped raining early this morning and is not supposed to start again until tomorrow nite, so after work, I put out the mares and babies so they could run. I normally would keep them out of this mud, but there are dry spots if they want them. But do they? Of course not, the first thing the mares do is roll and the babies stomp through the mud and puddles like it is an amusement park. They enjoy it so much though, how can I deprive them of it?

Miss Echo above did all that work herself, by playing in the creek that runs through the middle of their pasture--obviuosly the 15 inches of rain have taken their toll on the pasture. Now the area near the creek is like jelly---it flies and sticks. She had a good time getting that diry.

The new wiggle actually wiped out turning a corner---because they were all running hell bent for leather, it caused a three hoss pileup and she slid along and they tried not to step on her. She was cleared but her entire side was slick with filth---


Anonymous said...

I'm more impressed with every picture. These are phenomenal. You should do your own calendar.
Excellent posting on John. You seem to have caring friends from all over.
Love you,

Robin Sallie said...

You capture their joy, Paige. Great job.

Paige said...

That is exactly what I see when I watch them play, so I guess that is what I was trying to do.

Maybe I am getting the hang of this.


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