Friday, April 25, 2008

Its a girl for Gyro

My plan to jinx Gy into foaling worked--I told Lorna that she was showing no signs of foaling and thus was staying outside since it was nice weather.

I found her at 9:30 this morning, and if I did not know better from being there last nite dealing with Nita, I would swear this baby is weeks old. She has the longest legs of any baby so far, and we have had the long ones this year.

Her name might be Rio. I don't know.


Lazy A Ranch said...

I see her one white sock there.

She is TALL, how did she get that way? LOL.

Lorna said...

She's adorable! Rio will suit her!

Paige said...

I have no idea---she looks like she is a month old.

Gyro goes in cycles--baby 1 by a specific stud is little, then they get bigger and bigger--this one should be HUGE.

And she is a hair early, she was not due until next week

Holly said...

love love love the name. And the picture of the baby touching mommies face is darling!

Anonymous said...

Did you tell us about Rio's arrival last night, and I missed it? She is very pretty. If I can get loose, I may take a spin out there to welcome her to the world.
Love you,

Paige said...

I called your house yesterday morning to tell you, but you were not there, so I told Dad.

Then no one asked me anything about it, so I figured it was not that interesting to anyone but me

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