Friday, March 28, 2008

We have WAX!

Just after telling someone that my mares tend not to wax up appreciably before foaling, Hotrod has made a liar of me. She is waxed up pretty good today and is cranky as sin--- I would say we will have a baby sooner rather than later. At least this one will be born in the right dang place--she is snugged up in her stall under lights and the camera (which I cannot watch from work, so I sure hope Lorna is home watching her for me). Madison is there, cleaning her stall and keeping her happy.

Speaking of Madison, it is her spring break. Since we fired LeaAnn, I am going to the farm before work every day to dr Squeaks eye and feed breakfast, and Madison joins me. Yesterday, I asked her to pick Hotrods stall as it was not bad, and it was raining so hard she could hardly go back home until it let up. Come to find out, she cleaned EVERY stall, rebedded them and water everyone. I did not see them, but Barry said she did a great job. I gave her a little cash this morning and told her how much I appreciated it.

I love that kid


Camille said...

I guess I missed where you fired LeeAnn. Guess she was more trouble than she was worth eh?

Sounds like Madison is taking up the slack though. That is great!

Can't wait to see the next baby. You have taken some great pics of them!

Paige said...

Guess I have not posted on that yet--Monday morning---too many dumb errors to highlight that her supposed experience was all in her head, and failure to follow instruction and then lying about it.

I could not take it another minute.

We are looking for new help, but meanwhile Mad is stepping up

Camille said...

Well it's probably better that she is gone before there was any permanent damage, either to her or the horses.

I just don't understand people.

You can teach Mad to do things your way, and probably have a really good barn rat :-)

Paige said...

For sure---Madison has more horse sense than this chic ever will---and one of the reasons I let her go was she was telling Madison things about horses that were not true, and scaring her.

I did not like that a bit.

Camille said...

well that sucks in a big way. Sounds like she needed to hit the road. Stuff like that can be dangerous. Silly girl.

Holly said...

Good for Madison! I .knew. I liked that kid. Hope she can be your barn supervisor for the new hire!

Holly said...

Oh yeah, and I hope we have a new baby tonight or tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Madison. I can't wait to see Hotrod's daughter.
Love you,

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