Thursday, March 13, 2008

The mystery is solved

Well, here he is, caught in the act! Hawkeye is always beat up--marked up, hairless, scuffed up--he looks like a two dollar whore on Sunday afternoon. I know he plays hard and plays with everyone, and I could not figure out who was laying it to him. Now we know--it is RADAR!

First he tried to get him to play with this move, and when that did not work, he had to resort to biting him on the butt a few different times. It was a hoot to see him take bites out of different parts of his butt, and Hawk to whack him for doing it . Then he did it again, until Hawk would finally play. (please ignore the tractor ruts in the pasture there--you have to move hay even when water is standing on the fields and this is the aftermath)

Finally, Radar got Hawk to play with him. He was a happy boy. Those two really love each other and are always up to something, but they are so much fun that you forgive them pretty quick. Their antics never get serious either, so it is cool to watch them interact with each other.

Next he took up with Cash, and they had a nice moment loving on each other. Cash is not a sweet horse---a thug, yes, but no one would call her a delicate flower.

Silly Radar was just asking for it.
He should have known that she could only take it so long before she turned on him.

Now that is the Cash we all know! Looks just like her mama the Rock, doesn't it with the ears pinned and her teeth undoubtedly out.

Radar comes by it honestly. Growing up here is not for wussies!


Lazy A Ranch said...

Those are great pictures, you have such pretty subjects to photograph too!

Anonymous said...

Lessons in horse behavior today.

They are "human-isque"

Cute! ! !

Horse Student Carol

Paige said...

Oh so much Carol--they all have such unique personalities. Radar and Hawk are the quintessential 11 year old boys--always into something, playing hard, are rough and tumble but most of all they have fun.

Robin Sallie said...

Your horses are beautiful!

I can not wait for the flood of babies!

Paige said...

I jsut did my chart again, and it looks like the flood will have been rolling for a while when you are here----maybe even all of them. At least 7

theCloth said...

You are allowing me to see another world. Thanks for the pictures and the narrative.

Anonymous said...

Ah Ha! Boys will be boys.

Notice the change in the vernacular!

Hee hee vocabulary. I'm learning.

Enjoy Carol

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