Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A hit and run post

because I can only intermittenly get phone service, and everything I have tried to post with pics has gone off into the wild blue yonder. I guess they will have to wait. Any time it gets really wet here, something goes berserk with out phone lines. I guess they drown. The oddest thing is that my computer line went out but the house phone is off and on.

We have been deluged with water. This is not me being overly dramatic for a change, I am not kidding. It is so crazy. I took photos at 5 pm when we went to the farm and thank God we did all the basics, because when Barry tried to go back at 10, he could not get there, no matter which direction he tried. The roads are completely covered in water, and he swore logs were floating across it. I suspect this is an exaggeration, but whatcha gonna do, that is what he said.

This is so wierd because this is not a thunderstorm, no wind or lightning, just water like I have never seen. The forecast was for 3-6 inches of rain, but I firmly believe we have long since passed that. I heard ten inches on one station, which is incredible in less than 10 hours. We were pretty dry (well considering the winter we have had), and now the creeks that run through the pastures are way over their banks to get high up in the fields. It is not unheard of for the road to the farm to be covered in water, but only after months of rain, and crazy storms---and none of those times have held a candle to the sheer volume of water we have now

There is no way to describe it short of photos which I will post tomorrow. They say this should stop sometime tomorrow, but I will believe that when I see it.

Xan is 12 days from delivery, and was fine when we left, but was outside as we had a full house for the Panacur Power Pak clan. I hope to God we did not miscalculate as any baby getting born in this mess would either drown out in the open, or be trampled by traffic in the run ins.


Shannon said...

Things are the same here on this side of the state. I will swing the Ark by to get you when the time comes :)

Kim said...

Wow, sounds like quite the mess. I hope the rain slows for you. Be careful out there, you and BS.

Amy B said...

Wow! That's a lot o rain...hope things are okay. Will be interesting to see the pics....

sweetlillena said...

I've been worried about you guys. The weather channel news is horrifying.

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Photo of the Whenever I feel like changing it


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