Sunday, March 30, 2008

Getting born

These are my favorite pics, of mom trying to show baby how to nurse for the first time.

I do not have every single bit of the delivery, as I first saw her arrival on the foalcam, and by the time we got there, she was born and mama was up looking at her. I have a lot of the next steps though, many of which were pretty funny.
Lorna was watching on the foalcam and texted me that I was going to blind her with the flash if I did not leave her alone. I cannot help it though

She was born right at midnite, and she took longer to show any interest in getting up than I have ever seen. It was at least thirty minutes before she made her first attempt. That is when we ran into our first hurdle----those legs are REALLY LONG. So long that she did not do a very good job of getting them under control

Even once she got there, she was not so great on her feet--she took a few tumbles, which makes for the best pics. She was shivering through part of it, which may have contributed to knocking herself over a couple of times---it was too dang cold to get born!

Her legs are so long she could not get latched on to nurse---that took until almost 2 am---she had to contort herself in the oddest positions to get herself low enough to latch on. She worked hard at it though, which comforted me after seeing it take so long to get up in the first place.

Note the crazy light rings around her eyes---sorrel babies always crack me up with that--they look shocked to have been born, at least for a few days. So funny looking.

See the next post to see how much she improved in appearance in just 12-14 hours, and she is getting cuter by the day


Elly'sMom said...

Poor Little one! They crack me up when they are trying to stand. I feel sorry for them at the same time I'm trying to help them stand up, I'm laughing. Once they get their legs though.... Watch out! LOL She's a cute little bugger!

Holly said...

that baby ALREADY has some moves! She's sidepassing at birth (or maybe not.....just kidding) She's really cute.

Lazy A Ranch said...

Congrats on the new baby girl.

Robin Sallie said...

Is this baby number 3 so far this year? How many are you expecting? Keep the photos coming....

Paige said...

yes, this is 3 of 9

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