Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hotrod Day

This was an all around Hotrod day. Not only did we get to go see Hotrod's oldest at the reining trainer, and see that he is doing so well I cannot stand it, but when we got home, she gave us a repeat performance. This one is a girl though-sorrel with a big star and the longest legs I have ever seen---so long it was kind of hard on her to even find the bar, she had to contort herself so much to get to it.

Of course, I have a jillion pics of each, but it is almost 2 am and the farrier is coming in the morning, so they will have to wait until I get a break tomorrow


Jamik said...

Congrats the newest!

Sounds like the new trainer is working out really well. That's great news!

Holly said...

Yay! Another winner and a girl and red to boot (I love red girls)

Lori said...

Oh wow, I cannot wait to see Hotrod's newest filly! Especially since we just love her last one :)

Congrats and sounds good with the trainer...any chance you can snap a few photos next time your there?

Camille said...

Congrats on the new filly Paige! Can't wait to see pictures :)

Paige said...

I could not be happier with him so far Jami. If you need him, I think you will like him.

and Lori, surekly you know full well that I took 200 pics while I was there!~ it just took a while to get them up and most did not turn out well

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