Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Turning over a new page

After taking a few years to put some Slybabies on the ground, 2008 brings us the opportunity to return to playing with the big boys, at least as far as the breeding shed goes. I have really missed this part of the game, and am so excited to be returning to it, at least in some small way. I tried to choose stallions that have good records, breeding I do not already have a lot of, and strong dam lines. I also want to stay with programs that treat me nicely, as if my business matters, and those that go all out on marketing and promotion of their horses.

For all those reasons, I will be breeding one mare to Meradas Blue Sue, and as of this minute, I believe that will be Aries. I think they would all cross well on him, but with her triple dose of Doc O'lena, I am trying to stay away from more of that--which is HARD to do. I think he is the best bred stallion in the business, and gives us two of my favorite things--Freckles Merada breeding and a dose of Royal Blue Boon without going through Peptoboonsmal. I just like to be a little different. His mother, Meradas Little Sue, is the best performing mare in the history of cutting, and is shaping up to be a producer. His granddam, Docs Hickory Sue is one of the top cutting producers ever as well.

I just could not pass all that up. Talk about a powerful set of genetics. This cannot help but be be a nice baby. Plus, he is handsome! You can see his stats here:
I will also be breeding one to Highlight Cat. This one is a little different. I was drawn to him as one of the HERDA N/N High Brow Cats, because he is young and has a decent record, and I love me some Grays Starlight, his dam's sire. I also like that he was a finalist in so many major events--this is no one hit wonder. Let's cross our fingers that he will reproduce himself just as well as he showed.
With the Buffalo Ranch's promotion, I bet these horses really take off, and it would be great to get in on the ground floor of it. I think that I will breed Diablo to him, as she has a head start with her 3 year old in training, and will add a little bulk to him. That will be one gorgeous baby.

What a fun breeding season this is going to be! I have another nice breeding I am after and have a good backup plan, but this easing back into the national level sure is a lot of fun.


Holly said...

though I recognize many of the names, they don't mean a lot. But....I do love listening to you, as you are well versed in the bloodlines of the horses you breed.

Paige said...

I try to be--I am an over-preparer in an effort to ward off feelings of stupidity. I study this stuff hard, so that I can KNOW what I am doing.

I have made mistakes before and want the next steps to be the right ones.

MicBel QH said...

We all make mistakes but we learn from them to make better decisions. Looks like you'll be headed in a great direction, I like HighlightCat and I bet you get a great baby from that cross.

Paige said...

Let's hope this is a new chapter for us--and you too, since you are changing your program as well.

MicBel QH said...

I'm trying to change but I'm finding it extremely difficult. I need more space so I can have both. LOL, I'm looking forward to watching for your babies next season.

Carol said...

I have no clue what you are talking about- - - - - - but GOOD LUCK in "reading and experiencing that new Chapter of your book"

I am a reader, try to understand, and "eat" up every word.

Will watch for results- - -Horses are beautiful

Horse Student Carol

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