Monday, January 28, 2008

A funny series AKA-- Boys will be Boys

These boys were really going at it Saturday afternoon, playing and playing. I have tried to get this kind of photo forever, but I never seem to catch them in their rare moments of acting like children.

What do you think Target is saying to Haweye that has him so disturbed? Whatever he is saying, he is giving him hell, isn't he?

Evidently, Hawkeye is not going to sit idly by while Target tells him who God loves. He has a thing or two to say back to him.

I guess that Target was not taking Hawkeye seriously, so he needed to up the stakes---a bite on the butt would surely get the reaction he was looking for.

First they ran one way, then the other, and somewhere in there, they must have forgotten what they were arguing about.
Either that or they realized I was watching and wnated to pretend they are not heathens. Don't they looks sweet just looking at me?


Holly said...

great pix Paige! The boys look like they are having fun.

If the weather stays nice, are you going to work with Mojo again this week?

Carol said...

Gosh, how exciting! Your narration plus pictures make it perfectly clear to understand what these two guys are "yaking" about.

Your Horse Student

mjahlers said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful boys.

Anonymous said...

Honey, you're really getting good. All these pictures are phenomenal. How were you so lucky to catch the boys playing like that?
The parade of dogs was great, too. Please take me next time.
Love you too much,

Carrie T said...

Great shots Paige. I wish mine would turn out as nice.

Maybe if I could get playtime pics without snow and frosty breath in the way. LOL

Oh well...spring will be here in another 2 months or so.

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